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As coordinator of past project TYPIC ( ENITA Clermont will provide coaching for project management and significant intellectual input to each Workpackage. It will contribute to WPs devoted to methodological framework, and to those oriented towards field implementation of consumer survey methodology.

ENITA of Clermont, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs des Travaux Agricoles de Clermont-Ferrand, France, is a National Graduate School of Agronomy. Located in Auvergne, ENITA of Clermont aims at training students for Master degree in mountain agronomy, food quality & economics, and rural development.
The Research Unit Food Products Typicality conducts research into three angles.
- SMEs Management
Observing the strategies of the quality players in this sector allows us to analyse the process of construction of typicality and measure the economic importance of this type of production. The research concentrates on the identification of the typology and of the evolutionary paths of typical products.
- Biological and technological basis
Supplying objective information on the criteria for typicality in food products necessitates the development and implementation of analytical methods which allow their identification and authentication. The subject fields covered by this branch are:
• Microbial ecology of preparation areas and of dairy and meat farm products;
• Rapid methods of characterisation, authentication and traceability of dairy and meat products;
• Sensory characterisation of the diversity of on-farm processed products or origin labelled ones.
- Consumer perception
Consumer science, particularly sensory and marketing analysis, permits a detailed investigation of the perception of typicality. With the aid of tools such as a digital scanner and sensorial evaluation, the research work aims to identify the effective purchase behaviour for typical products, so that these can be recognised and promoted.

Georges Giraud


G. Giraud is Professor of agro-food marketing at ENITA Clermont since 14 years; he is head of Food Quality and Economics Department (14 researchers) working on agro-food management and food science. As senior researcher in consumer science with respect to food, he wrote over than 130 publications with 39 publications in peer-review process in the fields: Agricultural marketing; Consumer science; Food economics; Rural development; Retail studies. G. Giraud is currently scientific coordinator of EU funded project EUROMARC and was involved in several ones: CAT, TYPIC, TRACE, SINER-GI. He will collaborate to all WPs. 




Phone: 00 33 473 981 336

Julie Mardon


Assistant Professor at Department of Food Quality & Economics and Nutrition researcher. Julie is graduate as Agronomist from ENSBANA Dijon and got her PhD in Nutrition and Food Sciences at INRA (French National Insitute for Agricultural Research). She also worked as a scientific consultant in a service company specialized in health and nutrition strategy in food industry and scientific support for health claim submissions.





Phone: 00 33 473 986 945


Corinne Amblard


MSc engineer Corinne AMBLARD is research scientist at ENITA with expertise in consumer surveys. She has a Master degree in Marketing, graduate from faculty of Economics of Bourgogne. She works at ENITA since 1998 on different projects such as EU funded TYPIC, TRACE, SINER-GI, EUROMARC. Her field of experience is on consumer surveys, marketing and economy. She will work especially on WP4, WP8 and WP9.




Phone: 00 33 473 987 039

Cléo Tebby


MSc engineer Cléo TEBBY is research scientist at ENITA with expertise in statistical analysis. She is Agronomist, graduate from ENSA Rennes and has experience from private enterprise. She is involved in EU funded current project EUROMARC. Her field of experience is statistics and data analysis. She will specially focus on WP4 and 8.




Phone: 00 33 473 981 365