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LEI works for government and industry developing economic knowledge in the fields of food, agriculture and green space. The expertise is based on comprehensive knowledge of the sector and the applied use of concepts and techniques from economic and social sciences.

Our work field covers the agricultural sector, fisheries, nature management and the use of green space. All links in the chain from consumer to producer are involved. An increasing proportion of our research focuses on international issues.

LEI carry out its research in close consultation with clients and other concerned parties within society. Besides it collaborates with a great many scientific partners, both within the Netherlands and in other countries. The most structural way of cooperation is that with the Social Sciences Department of Wageningen University. In 2005 LEI employed about 300 people.






Professor Kees de Graaf 


Senior researcher/Teacher


Kees de Graaf  is professor in Department of Human Nutrition with specialization in eating behaviour. He is an authority in nutrition, consumer and behavioural topics The research is focused on prevention of over weight and obesities.
Prof. De Graaf is appointed by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. Kees de Graaf studied Nutrition in Wageningen and get one's PhD on the field of Human Nutrition en sensorial research. Kees de Graaf is chair of the study group Food Habits en involved as a senior scientist at the WageningenCenter for Food Sciences.

E-mail: kees.degraaf@wur.nl

Phone: 00 31 317 484 45





Dr. Abele Kuipers 


Senior researcher/Teacher


Abele Kuipers is from the Agricultural Economic Research Institute (LEI).  Expertise is in economic management, capacity building, market, environment and sustainability. He is project leader of a bilateral and an EU twinning project and a chain project in The Netherlands to improve the traceability of ingredients from producer to consumer. President of Cattle Division of European Association for Animal Production (EAAP), vice- president of Eastern and Central European working group and Dutch Secretary of International Farm Management Association.

E-mail: abele.kuipers@wur.nl

Phone: 00 31 62 24 07 739





Karin Zimmermann, Bsc 


Senior researcher and project manager


Karin Zimmermann is from the Agricultural Economic Research Institute (LEI). Her expertise is on strategic trends and strategies based on consumer information. Karin has been involved in quantitative and qualitative market research, consumer and chain research, agricultural environment (green) economics. She is leader of a research group on strategic marketing and consumer research. Karin Zimmermann is coordinator in the EU-ISAFRUIT Pillar 1 (Consumer Driven and Responsive Supply Chain), work package leader WP 1.2 Consumer Preference and member of the Management Committee.

E-mail: karin.zimmermann@wur.nl

Phone: 00 31 70 33 58 185





Dr. Siet Sijtsema


Senior researcher/Teacher


Siet Sijtsema is from LEI. Her key qualification is consumer research on food, being involved in qualitative research in which she pays attention to the cognitive aspects as well as affective aspects like feelings and emotions. Expert on transforming consumer perception into food product characteristics in a consumer oriented product design. She is one of the researchers within EU-ISAFRUIT and EU-Double Fresh, focused on Consumer Preferences and Consumer Adoption of innovation.

E-mail: siet.sijtsema@wur.nl

Phone: 00 31 317 48 47 91








Dr. Ivo A. van der Lans


Senior researcher/Teacher


Ivo van der Lans is senior scientist in Wageningen University and Research Centre Social Sciences group Agricultural Economics Research Institute & Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group. Research focus is on research methods and techniques for marketing and consumer behaviour. Scientific Coordinator in the EU-ISAFRUIT Pillar 1 (Consumer Driven and Responsive Supply Chain)

E-mail: ivo.vanderlans@wur.nl

Phone: 00 31 317 484353