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- Ipsos Strategic Marketing is full service research company ranked as number one market research company in Serbia according to Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Taboo magazine since this award is established in 2007
- Ipsos Strategic Marketing based its activities on ESOMAR and ISI regulations and guidelines, with the strong scientific background.
- Ipsos, and all its parts, has a unique market positioning, specializing in a single business – survey-based research – through five specializations:
  • Advertising research
  • Marketing research
  • Media research
  • Opinion and social research
  • Quality and customer satisfaction research
- Ipsos Strategic Puls group emerged from joint venture of Ipsos, one of the largest market research companies in the world, and the main independent research company in the Balkans – Strategic Puls.
- Strategic Puls was created in 2006, when Puls, leading market research agency in Croatia merged with Strategic Marketing, leading market research agency from Serbia, which resulted in the biggest market research agency in South-East Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.
- Ipsos Strategic Puls is the largest full service company for market, media and public opinion research in the region, covering 8 markets with a total turnover over 8 mil. € in 2008 and over 150 permanent employees. Ipsos Strategic Puls’ main dedication is providing best quality, reliable research in the region, and clearly contribute to client’s success by providing value added analysis and actionable recommendations.
Ipsos Strategic Marketing – important dates
1997                                      START
1988                                      #1 u Serbia since 1998
1998                                      ESOMAR
1999                                      Office in Macedonia
2001                                      Office in Montenegro
2002                                      JV with AGB
2006                                      JV with Puls – Strategic Puls
2009                                      Ipsos
Ipsos Strategic Puls – Territorial coverage



Dragiša Bjeloglav

BSC in mathematics, MA in Statistics. Years of experience as data collection chief methodologist in Federal Statistical Office of Yugoslavia and main survey methodologist in SMR, Sample design and data collection expert, Data Base expert.
Projects: Position of Health and Health Protection in Yugoslavia, 2000 for Institute of Public Health of Serbia; Position of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Yugoslavia, 2000, for International Red Cross; Multi Indicator Cluster Survey, 2001 for UNICEF; National Report on Follow-up to the World Summit for Children, 2001 for UNICEF and The Government of the FR Yugoslavia; HH living condition survey, 2001 for G17 Institute; LSMS, World Bank, 2003; Montenegro Helath System, 2008, LSMS.
Phone: +381 63 260943

Jasna Miloševic

BA in Psychology, MSC in Social Psychology on: “Models of Voting Behaviour in Serbia”. PhD. on “National identity: psychological analysis on theories and common thoughts”, at the Faculty of Psihlosophy, University of Belgrade, Department of Psychology.
Worked on various projects related to political public opinion issues and media, with a specific emphasis on the development of the region. Has experience in lecturing, published book on National Identity.
Phone: +381 630900326

Hana David

BA in Painting, University of Art, Belgrade; BA in Psychology, University of Belgarde;
Responsible for different tasks: FGD moderating, creating the questionnaire, field researchers training, statistical analysis, presentation of the results.
The most relevant projects: Publication of Serbian Living Standards Measurement survey (LSMS or poverty survey) results, for World Bank, 2006; Child poverty study, 2005, for UNICEF; Public opinion survey on attitudes towards Roma in Central European countries, for Word Bank, 2005; Nationwide Focus Groups on Public views on Serbian Civil Society, for Freedom House, 2005; Attitudes toward NGO sector in Serbia, for Civic Initiatives, 2005; Evaluation of the project of helping children with special needs, for JEN, 2004.
Phone: + +381 63 400748