Institute of Public Health-Montenegro

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81000 Podgorica
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Institute of Public Health as a preventive-medical-health organization deals, among other tasks, with healthy lifestyles, quality of nutrition and nutrition habits, analyzing of health quality of foods, consumer goods and drinking water. IPH monitors, analyses and evaluates influence of environment (air, soil and noise) on population health. IPH covers: monitoring, researching and studying of population health and health culture, influence of environment on protection of population health, causes, spreading and prevention of infectious diseases, factors of risk of chronic non- infectious diseases and other diseases of high social-medical significance as well as organization, working and development of health service and proposing and caring out appropriate measures for prevention and improvement of population health.
Boban Mugosa, specialist of epidemiology
M.A. in epidemiology Medical Faculty Belgrade 2003.
Author and co-author of many books and guidelines.
Since 2004 – Director of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro.
Phone: + 382 20 412 888 
Zorica Djordjevic, specialist of hygiene
M.A. thesis “Disorders of the health status caused by insufficient intak eof iodine on prior endemic area” Medical Faculty Belgrade 2006. Collaborator in the projects on examination of micronutrients, head of the Unit for nutrition , Centre for Health Ecology, IPH.
Phone: + 382 20 412 888  
Ljiljana Zizic, specialist of hygiene
Head of the Department for Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Chief of the Counseling service for Nutrition, main researcher in the Project Endemic strum and iodine prophylaxis.
Phone: + 382 20 412 888  
Cell: + 382 67 626 112
Sanja Scepanovic, BSc
Department for Education and Informatics Support, IPH,
Appointed as a LEAR for Focus –Balkans project.
Phone: + 382 20 412 888  
Cell: + 382 67 626 134
Borko Bajic, Medical Faculty Podgorica, graduated in 2007
Working in the Institute of Public Health as clinical doctor.
Phone: + 382 20 412 888 
Cell: +382 67  248 743
Balsa Radulovic, Faculty for economics,management and banking,Belgrade
Phone: + 382 20 412 888 
Cell: +382 68 478 978